The Prismatic Machine offers a new player experience aided by 32” touch screen and stunning HD graphics

  • Superb 32” touch screen 
  • Hd graphics
  • NV200 as standard 
  • Bespoke quixtant PC
  • New 26 game menu - styled for instant player recognition 
  • Proven content pipeline 
  • Connectivity for remote content deployment and diagnostics


The Aurora is our flagship cabinet

It’s the top performing B3 in the market, featuring over 40 game titles with an easy to navigate menu, with exclusive Aurora game titles it provides interactive game play which is second to none.

This exceptional machine utilises an SCH5 Hopper along with the latest Eagle V2 coin mech all using an extremely secure DES encrypted protocol to ensure fraudulent electronic attacks are impossible.

The screens are both High Definition 27” monitors with the lower screen featuring an integral Touch Screen.

The cabinet surround has an impressive Morphing LED display which can also be themed to enhance features or games on this cabinet.

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