NSM Lightning


Following the overwhelming success of the Icon Lite, NSM was challenged with how to produce a jukebox that would surpass the UK’s No. 1 selling jukebox. What evolved was the Lightning — a state-of-the-art jukebox with captivating aesthetics and easy-to-maintain hardware.

The Lightning’s illuminated frame and immersive room-filling sound are sure to attract any crowd. And its universal style and compact size are a fit for every location.

NSM designed and built the Lightning to compete with competitors’ top-level products, and its unbeatable value is a must-have asset to every operator.

Playdium Jukebox

The next generation entertainment platform, Playdium delivers a tailored music experience that reflects the unique musical taste of each venue.

Our latest smart jukebox learns from the music most played in a location and adapts over time to highlight the songs, artists and search results that are most relevant. 

A 23-inch touchscreen, subtle lighting, and angled reflective surfaces create the perfect entertainment centerpiece for any venue.

Two-piece modular design and online diagnostics increase reliability and make servicing fast and simple. If there’s ever a problem, operators will either repair the machine on site or just swap in a replacement unit and send the original one back to Essex Leisure for repair.

Classic Jukeboxes

At Essex Leisure we also do a Beautiful range of Classic Jukeboxes.

  • The Rocket: Available in Vinyl, CD and Digital format.
  • The SL45: Available in Vinyl, CD and Digital format.

All of our classic jukeboxes have a wide range of finishes from Oak, Sapele, Anthracite, Black Ash, White Ash and many more. 

For more information on our stunning range of classic jukeboxes get in touch now. At Essex Leisure we'll provide you with a comprehensive quote based on your requirements. 

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